Semi-Competition bite Suit

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Sized for someone 5’9″ to 6’2″ 175lbs to 200lbs


4 reviews for Semi-Competition bite Suit

  1. Niki hensel

    I received free shipping on my first purchase,
    And my package arrived in time, as I was told.😊

  2. James macmillan

    I really appreciate the 100% honestly,my package arrived in time..

    • bitessuit

      thank you sir.

  3. Keyden Lizzy

    I can’t wait to get another bite suit before winter ❄️

    • bitessuit

      Thank you so much, feel free to always visit our website any time for a purchase and we will respond to you immediately…

  4. Alain stain

    I’m Alain based in Bristol,UK I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how Greatful I’m because it’s really deficult when it comes to buy a bite suit here in UK and too expensive as well.
    My package arrived safely and was exactly my size.

    • bitessuit

      thank you so much sir we really appreciate your review 🙏

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